4 March 2018

World gone mad

Dan Smith, lead singer/songwriter of Indie band Bastille, wrote a song in 2017 'World Gone Mad'. He felt, like so many today, that civil society is unravelling before our eyes, and becoming one scary place. The reality is that chaos and confusion are very frightening. Take something as simple as traffic lights. If a group of people insisted on their rights that red, orange and green can mean whatever they want them to mean, then approaching a busy crossroads would be really hairy, really unpredictable and unsafe.

Law and order
I was listening to a brilliant mathematician this week called Professor John Lennox. He's a top scientist. And he was explaining the meaning of creation in Genesis Chapter 1 in the Bible. One thing that really struck me was how God created order (cosmos) out of chaos. Having 'laws' and 'order' sounds really boring and restrictive. But the universe would be utterly terrifying if God hadn't built in and fixed certain physical laws. Imagine if gravity was unpredictable? Each time you jumped, you wouldn't know if you'd come back to earth or fly out into space! God's laws and order are not boring. They make our lives safe and secure. In fact, like gravity, the 'law' sets us free to run around and jump knowing what will happen when we do.

But it wasn't just physical laws and order that God built and fixed into his creation for our good. God also built and fixed social laws into creation to order our social and personal relationships. For instance, he created humans with distinct genders - male and female. He created sex to be enjoyed exclusively within the bounds of lifelong marriage between one male and one female. And so on. This was not restrictive, but for our psychological, physical and emotional well-being, and leaving plenty of room for diversity and personal expression within those God-given boundaries.

If you want to be part of a community seeking to recover some order out of the madness, you'd be very welcome to join us at St George's. We're aware that ordering our lives as God created things might bring us into conflict with our culture and even with Civil and Criminal Law. We want to be law-abiding citizens. But God's authority is higher than Parliament's, and God's Law is better than their Law. So we are willing to suffer the consequences for our principled decisions to order our lives as God has told us to, for the good and well-being of our families and our community.

Come as you are
Your life may be like mine was 30 years ago - in a mess and a state of chaos because you have given in to pressure from our unravelling society where 'anything goes'. But mess and chaos are no barrier to you joining us at St George's. Come as you are. For God so loved the world that he sent his Son Jesus Christ to rescue us - not to condemn us but to save us. There is a way back to God and to his liberating way of living, and that one way is through Jesus Christ. Via him, there is full and free forgiveness for the mess we've made of things. From him, we have the perfect wisdom to order our lives in such a way that we can live life to the full, secure in his unfailing love. We are a community saved by Jesus Christ and governed by Jesus Christ, and we'd love you to join together with us under his love and care.

Simon Smallwood – Pastor