1 December 2014

Santa is fun, but Jesus is better

December 25th. Loads of houses will be checking out what the chubby man with the red suit has brought them for Christmas. It's a lot of fun.

Santa is fun, but he's not the real hero of Christmas. Jesus Christ is. Here’s why.

© Douglas Rahden
Jesus is around all year
Santa is only around at Christmas. You never see him in the summer.

Jesus is on call all year round. There's never a time when we can't talk to Jesus. In December, some people write to Santa, but we can talk to Jesus whenever we want. And Jesus promises to listen to what we say, and always answers by doing what is best (which isn't always what we ask for).

Jesus gives good gifts to bad people
When Santa comes to town, he only gives presents to those who are good. So you'd better watch out!

But Jesus came into the world for bad people. The truth is none of us has been perfectly good. Jesus knows that. He knows there's bad in all of us. But he still loves us, and he came to forgive us even though we haven't done what we should. Jesus is better than Santa because the gift he brings is for people who don't deserve it.

The priceless gift from Jesus lasts forever
At some point, Santa's gifts wear out, or break, or they're no use to us any more.

But the gift Jesus brings lasts forever. It doesn't need batteries! As the Bible says, '...the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.' What price can you put on eternal life, that starts now and is described as 'an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade - kept in heaven for you'? The real price was the life of Jesus Christ given for us when he died on the cross. Santa never died for us. He may be fun, but Jesus is far, far better.

Why not receive the gift of life from Jesus this Christmas?