2 October 2012

86 Rogers Road

Drive up Pettits Road from the Heathway, and at the top is a blumin’ great building with a bit of land around it. What’s it doing there? What purpose does it serve?

If you watched people going in and out during the week you might think it was just a hall for the local community to use. All sorts of groups hire the building, but that’s not the main reason it’s there (although we love people to use our facilities).

The main reason the building is there is far more important. It’s one of the few places in the local community where the biggest problem we face is tackled head on.

The biggest problem we face is not global warming or terrorism or economic meltdown or ‘youth’ or immigration or drugs or domestic violence or lack of social housing etc – though all of these (and more) are serious issues. The biggest problem is that every one of us is facing death and the judgment of God. The biggest issue is not how to make life a bit better now for ourselves and our children, but whether we and our children will spend eternity in heaven or in hell, with God or cut off from him forever. All of us have so alienated God by the lives we now lead - ignoring him and the way he created us to live - that our eternal destiny is hell. All of us have already done wrong. We are already condemned. And we can’t undo what we’ve done wrong, or make up for it. We need a saviour – someone to save us.

People from many different nationalities and religious backgrounds (atheists included) meet at 86 Rogers Road every Sunday (10.30a.m.) to hear what the Bible has to say. It claims to be the word of God to us. It claims to be the way we can come to know God really and personally. In it God accurately diagnoses the problems of the human race. In it He shows us the only way we can be saved from hell, through faith in his Son Jesus Christ. In it he shows us a new way to live now that is life to the full, and full of hope.

These are not closed meetings, but open to all. All-comers are welcome. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done up to now, whatever you think – you are welcome to join us on a Sunday, so you can consider these things for yourself.

The Bible says this: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.’

It could be a load of cods, but those of us who have tried and tested it have found it to be true beyond any reasonable doubt. And you’d be a fool not to check it out.