Every little helps

Members of St George’s Church are finding creative ways to raise money for a new sports facility for local residents on their site in Rogers Road, Dagenham.

The multi-use games area will be available for hire by community organisations, such as youth and disability groups, and will cost in the region of £100,000.

Church member Sony Ejemai, who coaches youth football in Dagenham, is asking guests at his 50th birthday party next month to donate to the project rather than getting him a gift. Other members of the congregation are planning similar fundraising drives.

“Jesus told us to love your neighbour,” says Sony, “and this project is a fantastic way to do that.”

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The story of the Bible is no fairy tale

So our five year-old daughter has just been given a set of flash cards. The flash cards have words on them like 'once upon a time', 'princess', 'magic', 'witch.' The idea is that she uses these words to make up her own fairy tale.

Someone has said, 'The Bible is a collection of fairy tales written by illiterate goat herders back in the Bronze Age.' But the story of the Bible is obviously no fairy tale. It is a history book of real events that happened to real people in real countries.