The story of the Bible is no fairy tale

So our five year-old daughter has just been given a set of flash cards. The flash cards have words on them like 'once upon a time', 'princess', 'magic', 'witch.' The idea is that she uses these words to make up her own fairy tale.

Someone has said, 'The Bible is a collection of fairy tales written by illiterate goat herders back in the Bronze Age.' But the story of the Bible is obviously no fairy tale. It is a history book of real events that happened to real people in real countries.

Why bother to pray?

Why bother to pray... when we don't get the things we ask for?

Why bother to pray... if God is in control of all things and is going to do what he wants anyway, whether we pray or not?

Promises, promises

David Cameron kicked off the General Election campaign with the slogan 'Me or Miliband'. What a choice! Already most of the population are fed up. All the parties say what the voters want to hear, but we know they are making promises they mostly cannot keep. They simply don't have the power to deliver. Is there anyone in power we can trust?